Amanda B

"I couldn't imagine having my third child without Kara there. She made sure I understood what was happening and that I was in control of all decisions. She was so supportive. I wish I would have had her there with my first 2 children. I would recommend Kara's services to any expecting mother!!!"


Amanda went on to have 2 more children after her 3rd and asked me to be apart of those births with her family as well.  Her 3rd baby was my first doula baby! 

Tim B

"When Emily was pregnant with our first, a couple people said we should have a doula at our birth. I knew nothing about a doula, or much about birth except a baby comes out and it hurts! Kara brought such peace, expertise and intuition on how to go through labor well. I wouldn't have another birth without her! She showed me what to look for and how to best support my wife in the process and keep her relaxed. Now I am a doulo, telling others why they need to have a doula for their birth!"


Tim and Emily just had their 4th baby!  I have been so blessed to be apart of all 4 of their beautiful births.  After the birth of her 2nd child, Emily also became a doula! 

Erin R 

"Kara is so genuine and down to earth. I knew within minutes of meeting her that she was the doula for us. She always made me fell so confident and positive about my birth. After our meetings, even my husband would say he didn't know how people went through this without a doula. Kara's guidance, love and support was invaluable throughout my labor and delivery. I am so thankful to have had her there with us to welcome our daughter into the world!"


Erin and her husband just welcomed twin boys!  They invited me to support them through the labor and birth of these handsome fellas.  Erin was able to vaginally deliver both babies full-term! 

Asset 18

Dani M

"I was hesitant at first to contact a Doula I never met before, but Kara came highly recommended so I thought I’d give her a try. The minute I got off the phone with Kara, for the first time, I knew she was a match for us. I couldn’t wait to meet up with her and talk more. Kara was very informative in her birth education. Almost everything she shared put my mind at ease during different parts of pregnancy and labor. From the minute my labor started, I was supported by Kara. First, by the educational information she shared on what was happen to my body to when she showed up at my house. She walked me through many pain management techniques and supported me in my choices. At the hospital, Kara knew exactly what to say and do. She handled everything for my husband and I. Our labor experience was fantastic thanks to Kara. I relive my sons birth over and over in my head. It’s one of the best days of my life! Even after delivery Kara continued to be in contact. She checked in on our family via text after a few days at home. She even came over to our house to see how we all were doing. I asked her many questions about breast feeding and postpartum recovery over texting. She is always just a text away and she responds with reassurance and encouragement. Kara is supportive, caring, informative, and genuine. My husband and I will not have babies in the future without her! We are grateful for everything she has done for our family."

Erin H

"I'm not sure where to even begin when it comes to describing what an amazing gift from God Kara is. My fiance and I were so lucky and blessed to have Kara by our side when I gave birth to my 4th child. I had thought I knew everything when it came to birthing babies, like I said it was my 4th, but I didn't. I didn't know how to relax during my labor. Fortunately, for me, I trusted Kara and what she had to say when it came to different things to try in order to help my labor progress naturally. My previous birth was an emotionally tough one. With this birth, I was determined to make it a positive experience. Kara was so supportive, loving, caring, and helpful. The birth of my daughter was the most amazing, positive and vulnerable experience of my life. I couldn't have pushed myself without the support and love of Kara. She was there for everything I needed, every question and every concern I had, she was there, no matter what. My fiance and I are so grateful for what Kara has done for our family, we can't thank her enough."





Noel D

"When I first spoke with Kara it was as if I had known her for years. She helped me regain the confidence I needed after the trauma I experienced after my second child was born. I was not only able to deliver my third but my fourth baby naturally with the support, guidance & love from Kara. Her strength & faith are infectious - she radiates love & positivity - my family is so grateful to her - We are blessed to call Kara our friend."

Sarah A

"Hiring Kara as our Doula was one of the best decisions we could have made. She’s compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive.  One of my biggest worries about hiring a Doula was that they would clash with the doctor or push their own beliefs regarding an ideal birth experience, but right from my initial phone call with Kara I knew we were going to be a good fit.  Her only objective was to create a positive birth experience- with the understanding that everyone’s idea of what’s entailed in a positive experience will differ.  I was attempting to have a VBAC and Kara’s support helped me feel empowered and that no matter the outcome (VBAC or another C-section) it would be a positive experience.  Kara was never judgmental and was a huge comfort before, during, and after baby.  In addition to the emotional support she provides, she is highly trained in pain management and other birthing techniques to help labor progress.  She fit in seamlessly during labor and provided support without stepping on the toes of my spouse or the doctors and nurses.  In fact, I actually found her because she came highly recommended by my doctor!  I’m a month postpartum now and looking back I can honestly say Kara has exceeded my expectations as a Doula and will always have a special place in my heart.  I would not hesitate to hire her again and can not recommend her enough."


Sarah was able to achieve a successful VBAC!

Haley A

"Having Kara by my side throughout my first pregnancy was a game changer.  Before the birth, I was clueless.  I didnt even know the right questions to ask her in our preliminary meetings.

Kara explained the process thoroughly...even telling me all of the options and choices I could encounter while at the hospital. She was so respectful and supportive of my wishes and made sure the hospital staff was on the same page so that I could concentrate on having my baby.  One of my worries was going to the hospital too soon or too late.  Kara came to my house and labored with me and timed my contractions so we got to the hospital with perfect timing.  She used accupressure techniques to help with pain for hours of contractions.  I never felt alone.  She kept me focused on breathing and staying calm and relaxed for the entire process.  When I was in active labor and the baby started coming, I felt afraid for just a moment until Kara recognized it and  brought me back to center.  Even with all the support she managed to take the most beautiful, emotional pictures of my birth.  I will never have another baby without her!  I cant recommend her enough.  My husband was so so happy she was there for us as well.  For days after the pregnancy he brought up how impressed he was with Kara and how much we needed her! Thank you Kara!"


This was Haley's first baby - Her determination to keep interventions low allowed for an amazing and rare birth of her baby being born en caul (baby was born in amniotic sac filled with waters until her feet were born).


Amanda K

"I experienced pre-labor labor with my past 2 pregnancies and she was always a text message or phone call away no matter the time of day. Any little question I had as a first-time-mom, that I didn't feel comfortable enough with calling my OB's office to "bother them," she was there to answer & support me and my husband. She is always a calming voice and helped my husband to stay calm which was a huge comfort to me. She helped me to have 2 hospital births that were very close to a home-birth setting. I was able to labor at home until I was ready to go to the hospital. She always had my husband and my wishes as well as the well-being of my baby as her highest priority. A positive birth experience can be achieved with the knowledgeable help & support from a Doula like Kara."



Jeff K

"I was a complete novice with childbirth. My wife is awesome, and has done research, but there wasn't anything like what Kara provided for us during both births that we've had. Wow...she is amazing, and took something (childbirth) which I knew nothing about and broke it down into really simple and clear stages which ultimately made me feel comfortable with the unknown and took care of my wife in an unparalleled way that aided the births of both of our children."


Jeff and Amanda went on to have 3 children.  I was honored to be apart of all 3 of their births. 

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